The Almazara de Muela company (meaning Muela Oil Mill) is a producer of quality olive oils distributed by Mueloliva y Minerva under different brands, including Mueloliva and Venta del Barón. Only one brand is distributed directly by the producer under its same name: Almazara de Muela.
This product was so far available for direct sale in the shop of the factory. It's a Priego de Córdoba PDO extra virgin olive oil dedicated to the farmers, mill master, the factory staff and their families. As a result, it's sold at a very low price. It therefore offers an exceptional quality-price ratio.​​​​​​
The challenge is to reveal the unique story of the brand through a new packaging design (brand logo, bottle, label, secondary packaging), in order to expand the clientele while celebrating existing customers (farmers, harvesters, producers…). Indeed, this project came when the mill decided to share their confidential reserve through the company's e-commerce site (a direct selling now accessible to all).​​​​​​​
The approach
As marketers
Redefine the brand’s positioning and rewrite its story, putting oil workers at the heart of our approach.
As artists
The will to create more evocative signs of the richness and value of this product and this profession.
As crafstmen
The agency worked directly with the bottle manufacturer to ensure the correct execution of the design while respecting weight-material constraints. At the graphic level, different colour tests were carried out and printed at the agency.
As designers
The ergonomics have been improved thanks to the curves of the bottle and the hollows formed by the big olive leaves.
The result: The producers' secret
▶ ​​​​​​A new 5L bottle, more modern and differentiating, has been designed to highlight the naturalness of the product.
▶ ​​​​​​​A modern and colorful design that highlights the secret of this oil: an oil reserved for insiders. They value the fruit of the hard work of the large family passionate about the land and olive groves of Priego de Córdoba.
▶ Producers are proud and happy to share their secret, symbolized by the key.
​​​​​​​▶ The logo uses the initials AM to represent the mountainous landscapes dressed in wide rows of olive trees.
​​​​​​​▶ Special attention was paid to the packaging and transport board in order to value the product while thanking the initiates who contribute to the longevity of this oil.
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