Packaging (bottle design)
In Spirit Design was asked to design a 500ml unique premium PET bottle for high-end water that comes from the rich natural spring of Bama, a village of Guangxi province in China, world-renowned for the exceptional longevity of its inhabitants and its beautiful scenery. The brand personality is noble, rare, precious and luxurious, and its slogan is “The source of longevity, good water for life”.
As a result, we designed a well-balanced bottle that shines with radiant energy thanks to the bright effects emanating from the long waves crossing each other. The intersecting waves make the bottle as precious as a star shining in the infinity, feeding human life. The reflection of the star through the bottle shape evokes the infinity sign which is associated with human health and longevity.
We paid special attention to the transparency of the bottle, to reveal the purity of the water, and we placed great emphasis on the brand appearing on the premium cap.
Waters - Chinese market

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