Centaine 100年润发
Brand strategy - Brand architecture - Packaging (shapes and labels)
The new premium and iconic packaging, sold both in supermarkets & Centaine’s online shop, is to reflect the brand idea ‘vegetarian nutrition’, expressed here through the fluid and natural line that vertically crosses the shape from bottom to top. The line imitates a growing stem, absorbing nature’s essence to nourish the plant – just like Centaine’s ‘vegetarian nutrition’ to nourish the scalp and the hair. 
The multiplication of packaging produces an oscillating rhythm on the shelves, which would create a strong shelf impact and gives a unique vitality to the range of products.
 Next to the ‘line of life’ is the brand and product information. We chose a simple yet elegant graphic style to illustrate the key ingredient in each product, which made full use of the limited labeling area while keeping the simplicity and premium-ness of the whole design. 
The deep green color chosen for the moisturizing range helps to communicate the nature and quality of the product.​​​​​​​
The ergonomics of the bottle and its easy opening (flip top cap) have been carefully designed while promoting a squeezable architecture to collect the shampoo.
Unisex Range
Men's Range
No Silicone Range
Hair care products - Chinese market
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