We are an innovative and design agency
Since 1996, we are an ​innovation & design agency ​that fully integrates the strategic thinking at company’s or brand’s levels together with the design management and development in order to create innovative product concepts, packaging & product designs, digital solutions as well as offline and online communication. ​
Bridging innovation and design enables the true alignment between the company’s or brand’s strategic vision and the final consumer or user experience that we deliver. 
Innovating on different continents​
We are based in Bordeaux, Clairac, Madrid, Brussels and Wenzhóu, with:​ 
 -  A multi-disciplinary design team: Graphic design, Industrial design, Space design and Digital design (motion design, CGI and Web)​

 -  A Marketing team​
 -  A network of independant experts​
        •   Engineering, ​
        •   3D printing and prototyping​
        •   Digital Solutions (digital strategy, visual recognition, augmented reality, IOT, web & app development)​
 -  Two academic alliances: one with the neuroscience lab of the University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) and the other one with the master program in global design at the CONDE school of design.​
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