We created the new visual identity system for “Les Vignerons de Buzet” wine ranges, in order to foster and establish a consistent brand architecture, while transmitting the brand values and committed positioning
in terms of CSR.

The cooperative will now have a unique capsule and a single size of eco-designed label for all the bottles (size and choice of papers, collage techniques, inks and printing surfaces). The new brand name starting with "Nous" ("We") signs the capsules in a same way as in a manifesto, and the new VB symbol is fixedly positioned on all the labels.
Visual Identity for the HoReCa network

Visual Identity for the supermarkets and hypermarkets network

Packaging range is now consistent: while keeping the unique identity of each product, consumers can now easily identify that the different wines come from the same committed winemaker.
Wines - French & International market
Nous les Vignerons de Buzet
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