Packaging (PET bottle design)
Ming Ming Shi Tea is the intersection of motion and emotion, tradition and taste. The Oolong and Green Tea variants are traditionally crafted, using select teas from Fujian Province, China, without added aromas, colouring, preservatives or sugars.
The design echoes the authenticity and the sublime experience of drinking this pure, genuine and premium tea, creating a deep, natural feeling via the rising and falling tea leaves, seemingly stopping the passage of time.  The bottle shape is monolithic – strong, confident, neither masculine nor feminine.  The brand name, presented in a traditional vertical banner, stands with authority in the foreground, leaves mixing behind.  Working in harmony, the graphics and shape create a meaningful moment in time to taste, savor and enjoy.
In Spirit Design created the shape of the PET bottle while the graphic design had been entrusted to the Japanese agency Bravis International Limited.
Tea drinks - Chinese market
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